BRICK HAUS BODY® is about building a strong foundation both mentally and physically. Design your HAUS to be what YOU want it to be. Gaining the strength to be able to accomplish your goals. A strong body can accomplish much, but a strong mind can accomplish anything. Build confidence in yourself no matter your body type and fitness level. A BRICK HAUS BODY is built out of resiliency and dedication.
Let’s build it!


Being a competitive athlete my entire life I felt lost when an injury took me out of the game in college. I gained weight and my mental state was not good. I entered bodybuilding shows thinking if I had a goal I would get in better shape but after getting so lean so quickly I gained it back and had an even worse self image. I began looking at my journey differently when I started training in different methods and finding what worked for me. The journey has taught me that accepting myself at every step is the most important thing. The stronger I got, the more confident I became, and slowly my body was transforming but it was the mental strength that propelled me to go after my dreams. Setting a goal and keeping yourself honest is crucial. I created Brick Haus Body out of necessity and it has become a way to connect with all of you and to show you that anything is possible through determination and belief in yourself.