My Haus is Your Haus

May 01, 2017

My Haus is Your Haus

Hello beautiful, strong, powerful people! Let me start off and introduce myself- My name is Erica and I am 24 years old. I currently work in Marketing as well as finishing up school at Cal Lutheran University to receive my Bachelors in Business Marketing. I was never the individual to grow up playing a sport or really be athletic in general. I was more of the girl that fantasized about having the “perfect” body and then would run a mile or two here and there after school (thinking that would change everything…). Looking back today, right now in this very moment, I can’t ever imagine a time where I really LOVED my body. Now, some may hear that as a really sad thing or be able to relate at some level, but it’s true, I’ve never once been like “Wow, I look and feel so good...let me get in this bikini.” At the age of 20, I had been with my boyfriend for about a year and the insecurities I had before the relationship had continued. As every new relationship blooms, gaining weight is to be expected because what else do you do with your significant other than want to eat and binge watch Netflix? Needless to say, I had gained quite a bit of the point where I didn’t even recognize myself. My family and boyfriend told me otherwise, but I knew that I personally just didn’t feel good. Fast forward to now! I have been actively working out and training for about 4 years now and the changes I have made have been insane! I’m not just talking about my physical body, but my mental game has completely changed.

The wonderful woman who has started all of Brick Haus Body was introduced to me late 2016 and it would be an understatement if I said that she changed my life. Ironically, we were the exact same person but what set us apart was obviously our physical build. Well and that I’m actually Asian and she becomes Asian when she’s smiling (LOL), but the point here is that even with rock hard abs and a killer bum, she would feel similar to how I felt when going through this journey of fitness. I never would have known that someone so beautiful, outgoing, and smooth with her words would have some insecurities as well until we had to both learn that it takes a strong mind to support a strong body.

This brand isn’t about selling the nicest pair of leggings or the best e-book there ever was, but making women and men feel like they aren’t alone in the process and that it’s not all about fitness. Really, our journey to get fit is actually our journey of learning what we are capable of as individuals. Yes, the end goal is to maybe have toned legs or some mini biceps or a “flat” stomach, but what a person finds out in the end is that their headspace and mentality is more clear than ever. If I never had the confidence from hitting my personal records in the gym, then I personally would not have had the confidence to stand up in front of a department meeting and give a presentation or apply to my dream school. Becoming fit and going through self control within a diet does teach an individual more than what this fitness community talks about.

So, as I bring this post to a close, I’d like to personally tell all of you beautiful men and women that you can confidently come to this site expecting ALL REAL information! This includes anything and everything! A lot of social media fitness has become glamorized and with this a lot of things become compensated; such as form and technique with exercises, truth about dieting and macros, and what to even freaking do when you’re new to all of this and everything looks scary and you don’t know what to believe and what not to believe and, etc. etc. etc. (yes...this struggle is all too real and relatable). Being a Brick Haus Body Babe or Dude means that you will not only hit your fitness goals but will also hit your personal and professional life goals. So whether you're a doctor, student, or Mom, these goals and struggles will unveil your journey and although your journey is YOUR OWN, you are NOT alone.

Can’t wait to connect with you all!

Erica La Torra

Chief Operating Officer

Brick Haus Body