Time is of the Essence

March 21, 2017

Time is of the Essence

I'm sure you're all familiar with the saying  "time is of the essence", but have you stopped to really think about what that means? Though usually used in legal jargon, we tend to apply it to our lives and the amount of time we give ourselves to complete a task. There is no better way to explain our lives and goals we have for ourself than this phrase. I used to think of it in the construct of timelines or deadlines and told myself, "I need to do this by this time", or "I will have done this by this age". What I kept finding was an overwhelming sense of disappointment that I hadn't completed said task by the deadline I had given myself. This was because I wasn't really focused on what I wanted. I set unrealistic timelines for goals that were unattainable at the time and to be quite honest, I wasn't prepared to handle them if they were given to me.

When I began working on finding out why I did this, and why I was constantly unhappy with myself and my achievements, it opened my eyes to a far bigger reality. I wasn't allowing myself to be in the moment, to truly enjoy the journey, to appreciate where I was and where I had come from. I was always looking at the future; "when this happens then I'll be able to do this". We all know that statement far too well. It allows us to live in the future, and not the present. We never deal with the issues at hand and we say we'll get to them later, when it gets closer. But when is later? What is closer? I had to take a hard look at my life and what I truly, deep down wanted for myself. I knew I wanted to be happy and at peace. After that, everything else was a bonus. So I started there. So, what would make me happy? That was such a loaded question that I pondered for days. I overanalyzed, second guessed myself, and then circled back around to my very first answer. I want to be authentically me, all the time, and do the best I can in whatever I was doing right then. It may not have been the societal answer; wife, kids, house, great, job, vacations, nice car, etc. It was me however, through and through.

Since you're on this site it's safe to say yours might be getting into shape and building a strong body! Well that, believe it or not, is no different. The goals you set can seem out of reach from where you're at currently, but it's about changing the way you look at your progress. Your dream body is available to you, but you have to take small decisive steps towards it everyday. Implementing tools you learn along the way and it will get easier. Stay focused on the goal, but begin to feel the changes as you go, and cherish where you're at with each step. The most important thing is to take action. Don't fall victim to the voices inside our heads saying "it's too hard" or "we're never going to get there". We must re-train our brain the same way we're training our bodies. Push past the hard stuff. We know what's on the other side is far better and worth every ounce of sacrifice. So don't wait, you will get there, but not if you stay still, not if you don't take action. 

I quickly started noticing how things were changing around me when I changed my perspective. It was as if, the second I decided to be happy where I was, right now in the present, just as I was, the things I wanted started flowing into my life. I called it magic, but now I'm aware that this is just energy working. You put it out there, and it comes back to you. The single most important aspect of this whole transformation was this new found belief in myself. I had never known this feeling. I started knowing and feeling that I was capable. Not just thinking and wishing. I noticed that decisions came easier and problems went away faster. My anxieties lessened to the point of practical non-existence, and my overall happiness was at a level I had never experienced in my life. I call this "flowing". 

I want that feeling for each and every one of you. If you have followed me for any amount of time then you probably already know I've been on quite a journey to get to this point in my life and career. I take what I do seriously, and my connection to you all just the same. I cherish the candidness at which you share your personal struggles and stories, and you inspire me to keep fighting and thriving. I never imagined this platform of social media would allow me to have such a special bond with people I've never met, but I am beyond thankful for it and am thrilled to begin this new journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-love with you. As you're growing and changing, I will be as well.

We will build this HAUS together.

Brick by brick, layer by layer. 


With lots of Love, 

Tamra Dae